It’s dawn. I look out from the balcony and see the water, the boats, the stormy sky. I’m in Burgaz again this summer. The same landscape, but a year has passed. Seagulls complain and scream as usual. Here she is once again, the girl in her baggy pants and sweatshirt two sizes bigger than she really needs walking down the street by the house. The street sweeper shows up with his same delicate and dignified bearing despite his excessively tall stature and super-slim body. The same sail boats are anchored. The small white one that is always covered up because its owner works thoroughly every afternoon to leave it impeccable, while his Coker Spaniel waits patiently before going up to the dinghy boat that brings them to the coast. The boat with a blue roof, the one I love and the the white one next to it, neither too big nor too small, floats elegantly rocking with the rhythm of the water stirred by the wind.

Now, I walk to Kalpazan as usual. The hens appear around the road. The lady who weaves with her head covered is knitting something that I can’t quite figure out what it is. I greet her, “Marahaba!” and she begins to speak to me until I indicate that I do not really understand anything. Further down the road…surprise! Three goats appear where there were lambs before. This is where the horses for the carriages are kept right before Kalpazan.

I return home with my soul full. I see a text from Ariela that invites me to join her and Rozie in Ergün. How nice to see them again! As I sit down to have some chai, Jaime and Lydia pass by on their way to the ferry landing and we greet with a hug. Ariela smiles at me stating the obvious: “This is Burgaz!” Meeting friends makes me feel the warmth of this place. Then, I go to the club where I’m welcome by the same lady who was at the club entrance last year. I see more friends in a near by table and Rozie, Cavit’s sister, comes out to the balcony on the first floor where she is about to play cards. I go up and talk for a while. Nice talk after a year.

On the way back home, I go to the store and, of course, as you can guess, I find the same owners who remember where I live and thus send my groceries to the house. At the vegetable stand , I meet other friends, who, thankfully help me to ask in Turkish for the best melon. I end the day with a dinner with Ariela and Loni. I love this place where people open their heart and their home with such joy and generosity! Thank you, Cavit!